Parallel Clamp Accessories

Service parts, accessories and interesting add-ons for the K Body REVO.
KR-AS jaw adapter(X787)
For K Body® REVO™
Jaws pivot +-15°
KBX20 Extender(X984)
Connects two K Body®
Extends length
KP Blocks(X828)
KP framing system
4 per set
KR-VO variable jaw(X1177)
Movable fixed jaw for K BODY REVO and Vario REVO
KR-J2K sliding jaw(X959)
Sliding jaw for K BODY REVO and Vario REVO
KR-JP jaw pads(X965)
Replacement jaw pads
For K Body® REVO™
KR-EC end clips(X858)
Replacement rail end clips
For K Body® REVO™
KR-RPP rail protection pieces(X904)
Replacement rail protection pieces
For K Body® REVO™
Table clamp(X761)
For WS units, S-10 & REVO
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