Accesssories Spare Parts

Service parts, accessories and simple add-ons
Plastic replacement caps (X642)
Soft plastic caps
Assorted sizes
Standard pads(X862)
Replacement pads
For metal & wood clamps
2K handle/spindle with pad(X1028)
Replacement handle
Pads included
Service Part, Replacement Spindle Assembly(X1032)
Includes handle, spindle & pad
Service Part, Sliding Arm Assembly(X1092)
3 options
Heavy duty pads
Field replaceable
BESSEY® Grip handles(X840)
Easy on the hand
Handle accessory
For extra heavy duty clamps
Table clamp(X761)
For WS units, S-10 & REVO
Variable angle device(X657)
Accessory for irregular clamping
KR-AS jaw adapter(X787)
For K Body® REVO™
Jaws pivot +-15°
KBX20 Extender(X984)
Connects two K Body®
Extends length
KP Blocks(X828)
KP framing system
4 per set
KR-VO variable jaw(X1177)
Movable fixed jaw for K BODY REVO and Vario REVO
KR-J2K sliding jaw(X959)
Sliding jaw for K BODY REVO and Vario REVO
KR-JP jaw pads(X965)
Replacement jaw pads
For K Body® REVO™
KR-EC end clips(X858)
Replacement rail end clips
For K Body® REVO™
KR-RPP rail protection pieces(X904)
Replacement rail protection pieces
For K Body® REVO™
Replacement 2K handle(X732)
For K Body® REVO™
Toggle clamp spindles(X1048)
Replacement spindles
Replacement spindle(X1126)
For various vises
Replacement jaws(X1017)
For various vises
Replacement pipe jaw insert(X1104)
Replacement locking screws(X1276)
For various vises
Swivel base replacement(X808)
For various vises
Casting nut, washer and screw(X721)
For various vises
Replacement jaws(X889)
Rubberized base(X977)
Plastic replacement caps(X687)
For H-Series pipe clamp
Plastic replacement caps(X1110)
For PC Series pipe clamp
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