Double Force (SLV & GSV)

A unique all steel clamp with rail lengths up to 118 In. and clamping force up to 2000 lbs. This versatile clamp comes standard with 2 sliding jaws but...add more, mix and match to accommodate the project ! Amazing versatility !
SLV Clamp(X795)
1450 lbs clamping force
Modular clamping system
SLV Size Rail(X998)
Three lengths to choose from
Sliding arm options for SLV(X1142)
3 options
GSV Clamp(X1211)
2000 lbs clamping force
Modular clamping
GSV Size Rail(X1163)
One length available
Sliding arm options for GSV(X992)
3 options
Heavy duty pads
Field replaceable
Variable angle device(X821)
Accessory for irregular clamping
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