Spring Clamps

Spring clamps are usually the least exciting products but, Bessey has some fresh ideas.
Clippix<superscript>®</superscript> – Premium(X1309)
Up to 3.0" openings
Soft-touch pads
Clippix<superscript>®</superscript> – Econo(X833)
Up to 3.0“
Pivoting pads
Variable spring clamps(X1233)
Spring clamp with sliding arm
0 - 4 In opening
Variable spring clamps, double jaw(X1317)
Two sliding jaws
0 - 6.5 In opening
Clippix<superscript>® – </superscript>Plastic spri(X1311)
Set of 14 basic spring clamps
4 popular sizes
Clippix<superscript>® – </superscript>Ratcheting s(X642)
Deep reach
Opens to 4"
Ratcheting spring clamps(X939)
Extra strong ratchet
2 sizes
Clippix<superscript>® – </superscript>Ratcheting s(X912)
Set of ratcheting spring clamps
Set of 4
Clippix<superscript>® – </superscript>Needle nose(X1121)
Opens up to 3"
For hard to reach spaces
Steel spring clamps (tips & grips)(X1299)
Red tips and grips
4 sizes
Steel spring clamps (black)(X1022)
Black tips & grips
3 sizes
Steel spring clamps (No tips & grips)(X840)
1-1/4 - 3 5/16" opening
4 sizes
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