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BESSEY ® New Products

Woodworking Table Adaptor 3/4

The TW16AW adapter allows BESSEY TWV and TW clamping elements with a 16 mm matrix hole system to also be used on workbenches with a 3⁄4” hole system. Regardless of whether you use clamping elements with a variable (TWV) or a fixed throat depth (TW), a 2-component plastic handle, T-bar or lever handle are included. With the TW16AW, clamping elements can be integrated into your workbench without tools, and placed precisely.

Induction Bearing Heaters - Digital

Portable heaters for use in the workshop and on site. Digital temperature and time control. Extend bearing life and cut operating cost by eliminating hammering and pounding to cold-mount bearings. Works on bearings, sprockets, gears, couplings and sleeves. Demagnetizes bearings. Easy to use, ready in minutes. High Performance, fast heating with lower energy use!

D39ASS - Compund Leverage Snip

The new D39ASS snips from BESSEY® offer significant technical advantages when it comes to its construction. The snips have an extremely robust joint area which is complemented by a newly developed insert produced from sintered steel. This feature is entirely unique and reduces friction in the pivoting area making the D39ASS both smooth running and extremely wear-resistant.

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