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BESSEY ® New Products

Table Welding Clamps

BESSEY announces a new family of high-quality welding table clamps designed for 28 mm matrix tables. There are a range of choices for different needs including variable throat depth (1-9/16” up to 6-7/8”) and fixed throat depth versions (4-3/4” or 5-1/2”)with standard pad as well a heavier duty option with a fixed jaw and the robust MorPad. A claw clamp (cantilevered jaw) version is also available for when vertical space constraints are a problem. Accessories have also been developed to incorporate standard hold down clamps and toggle clamps onto 28 mm matrix tables.

Vertical Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

BESSEY introduces two new vertical toggle clamps. The models STC-VH20 & STC-VH50 will augment the current eight inline and horizontal models currently offered. The new vertical models will automatically adjust to work piece dimensions (up to 1-9/16 In) while maintaining constant clamping force (up to 550 lb.) and, with the ability to adjust the clamping force as needed at set-up time.

classiX Series Lever Clamps

In 2010 the classiX Series of globally sourced all-steel bar clamps was introduced to the market. The premise of this new line of all-steel bar clamps was to identify high volume model configurations from around the world and then combine them into a single series of clamps with a unified presentation. These products were then sourced from best-practice suppliers and manufactured to the expected high standards of the BESSEY® team. The addition of the new classiX Lever Clamp continues this approach with a high quality and cost conscious offering.

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