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New Products

BESSEY ® New Products

Heavy Duty Industrial Vise

The most recent vise addition to the BESSEY line-up is a forged vise that is made to supremely high tool standards – Unbreakable under normal usage. The moveable jaw, stationary jaw and base on the 4, 5 and 6 IN vises are all 90,000 psi forged steel that is fabricated in European facilities to very high standards. Even the anvil and jaw faces are precision ground and then induction heated for extra durability. The forged industrial vises series from BESSEY is a welcome addition to the family of bench and consumer vises as it offers the highest level of quality and durability.

Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps

The original BESSEY range of Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps included two horizontal clamps and one inline toggle clamp - each with a horizontal base plate. This offering has now been expanded with the addition of five further models. Included in this expansion are three additional horizontal toggle clamps in a more compact format, one of which has a horizontal base plate, one with a vertical base plate and one with a 90° angled base plate. The inline clamp range has also been expanded with two compact models: one model with a horizontal base plate and one with a 90° angled base plate.

Rapid Action Clamp

The BESSEY Rapid Action Clamp offers an interesting combination of features and benefits in a single clamp. Very quick set-up times, parallel “no-twist” clamping (prevents parts from shifting), robust contact surfaces and a heavy duty rail combine to produce an offering that allows for speed and strength.

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