Workbench adapter TW16AW

Product details
  • Accessories for BESSEY TWV and TW clamping elements with 16 hole system
  • Suitable for all common workbenches with a hole system
  • Can be used without tools
  • The stud pin can be changed to use other hole systems
Order number Bolt Ø Suitable for Suitable for Weight approx. PU
mm mm Inch kg qty.
TW16AW19 16 19 3/4 0.33 10
TW16AW20 16 20 13/16 0.34 10
TW16AW25 16 25,4 1 0.44 10
TW16AW30 16 30 1 3/16 0.52 10
TW16AW25: While stocks last
Perfect addition, Thanks to the TW16AW adapter, BESSEY TWV and TW clamping elements with a 16 hole system can also be used on workbenches with a hole system.

Flexible or fixed throat depth, Both the clamping elements with an infinitely adjustable throat depth (TWV) and those with a fixed throat depth (TW) are available with three handle variants.

Smooth-running spindle, The surface-coated spindle with acme thread (both for the 2-component plastic handle and the tommy bar) runs particularly smoothly and does not jam.

Ratchet mechanism, The natural force of the lever is used in the lever handle version. The ratchet mechanism ensures rapid, controlled, vibration-free clamping. The wear-resistant cam guarantees a long service life.