Seaming tool PS 130, big and strong

Product details
  • For clamping and positioning large and potentially heavy components with a smooth surface, such as artificial stone, ceramic, granite, Corian®, plastic, sheet metal and glass
  • Manual vacuum pumps for maximum suction power, and therefore a maximum level of horizontal clamping force up to 1,200 N
  • Marking ring on the pump lever to permanently check for a reliable vacuum
  • Practical quick adjustment function for rapid adjustment of the distance between the two suction cups
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Order number Opening Width Length Weight approx. PU
mm mm mm kg qty.
PS130 5-130 215 715 4.08 1
Corian® is a registered trademark of DuPont
Vacuum pumps with control function, The required vacuum is generated with only a few movements of the pump – for a maximum vacuum and top clamping force up to 1,200 N. The status of the vacuum can be checked at any time via a marking ring on the pump tappet and brought back up to the maximum by repeated pumping.

Release button, By simply pressing the release button, the vacuum disappears and the seaming tool can be removed quickly.

Quick adjusting screw, To quickly adjust the distance, simply undo the screws and slide the suction cups into the desired position via the guide rails.

Sturdy construction, The proven BESSEY all-steel rails, which run in anodised aluminium profiles, keep the suction discs on precisely the same level, even under high clamping pressures. This guarantees a precise finished result.

Product video Seaming tool, big and strong PS130