Lightweight parallel clamp UK UniKlamp

Product details
  • Clamping force up to 1,500 N
  • Parallel jaw faces with extra-large contact surfaces
  • Clamping of various shapes, along the whole length of the rail
  • Universally applicable
  • Light and easy-to-handle
  • No need for tools for switching between clamping and spreading
  • On carded hang pack
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Order number Opening Throat depth Spreading width e Rail Weight approx. PU
mm mm mm mm kg qty.
UK16 160 80 172-270 20 x 5 0.62 6
UK30 300 80 172-415 20 x 5 0.72 6
UK60 600 80 172-720 20 x 5 0.93 6
UK80 800 80 172-915 20 x 5 1.05 6
UK100 1000 80 172-1115 20 x 5 1.25 6
Parallel jaw faces, The large, flat jaw faces made from impact- and fracture-resistant reinforced polyamide are almost parallel. For gentle clamping of a very wide range of ­different shapes over the entire length of the rail, without spacers.

High-quality profiled rail, The BESSEY hollow profile rail from our own drawing plant has been especially optimised for clamps. The profile acts as a reliable reinforcement against torsional forces, while the serration prevents the clamp from slipping.

Removable end stop, The end stop made from impact-resistant polyamide also gives the clamp added support. It can be removed without any tools, to allow the lower arm to be quickly turned around and used for spreading.