Telescopic drywall support ST

Product details
  • Resilient up to a maximum of 150 kg when the telescopic rod is fully retracted
  • Stable construction due to special steel pipes and anti-slip PVC contact surfaces (8,5 x 6,5 cm)
  • Application also on slopes due to continuously swivelable contact surfaces of -45° to +45°
  • Easy, safe handling due to a telescoping and locking inner pipe as well as an outer pipe that can be turned by the foam grip
  • GS-certified for quality and safety
Order number Adjusting range Load limit at min. extension length Load limit at max. extension length Weight approx. PU
mm kg kg kg qty.
ST125 750-1250 150 60 1.41 2
ST250 1450-2500 150 60 2.06 2
ST290 1600-2900 150 50 2.24 2
Secure hold

Resilient and anti-slip, the support guarantees secure holding, even on sensitive surfaces:

  • due to special steel pipes ensures a max load of 150 kg can be applied (dependent upon the size of support and length applied) due to additional locking of the release button due to rubber PVC contact surfaces top and bottom
Easy to handle

The support can be used quickly:

  • due to the fixing in just two steps: The rough pre-setting is carried out using the telescoping and quickly locking inner pipe; the final clamping is carried out by turning the support at the foam grip

Product video Telescopic drywall support ST