Angle clamps (WSM)

Product details
  • Automatic adjustment to work pieces of different thicknesses
  • Precise 90° angles
  • Service spindle assembly item 3100953 for WSM-9
  • Service spindle assembly item 3100954 for WSM-12
Order number Clamping capacity Jaw height Max. passage for mitres Weight approx. PU
Inch Inch Inch lbs qty.
WSM-9 2 x 7 1 ⅜ 3 1/2 8.00 1
WSM-12 2 x 9 1/2 2 ⅜ 4 3/4 16.10 1
Right angle clamping, The angle clamps have been developed for a wide range of applications but, most especially for aligning materials at 90 degrees for welding.

Work pieces of different thickness, The copper spindle passes through an articulated bearing that then attaches to a swivel based face. In use, the jaw face will automatically adjust to different thickness work pieces to align them at a 90 degree angle.

Open work area, Allows passage of T-joints for easy access to final fastening.

Stable and solid, High quality cast-iron construction with wide bases and broad hold down areas to fasten the angle clamp safely.

Product video Angle clamp, metalworking