EKT‑55 Edge Clamp

Product details
  • Twin Spindle: Outer spindle acts as the clamping jaws on work surface while inner spindle applies pressure to the edge
  • Large Jaws: Soft non slip pads for positive grip
  • Aluminum housing that is light to carry but handles high stress loads
  • Service part assemblies, 1 pair, 3100998
Order number Clamping capacity Throat depth Clamping force Weight approx. PU
Inch Inch lbs lbs qty.
EKT-55 2 ⅛ 3 500 1.85 6
Unique twin spindle, Outer spindle acts on the clamping jaws – inner spindle applies pressure to the front edge. Impact resistant plastic handle for one-handed use.

Large jaws, Two large non-slip, opposing, gentle jaws for positive grip.

Swivel pressure plate, The large pressure plate swivels to apply pressure on demand. Removable protective cap.

Light aluminum housing, Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing designed for high static stress load for convenient, one-handed edge clamp EKT.

Product video Edge clamp, one hand