K Body Clamp (KREV) ‑ Vario

Product details
  • Secure clamping force up to 1700 lbs
  • Continuously variable fixed jaw
  • Designed to clamp at 90 degrees with very large clamping surfaces
  • Ergonomic two component handle with 6 mm steel socket (for hex key)
  • Operating jaw stays where you put it for easy set up
  • Converts to spreading with no tools required
Order number Clamping capacity Throat depth Clamping force Spreading capacity Weight approx. PU
Inch Inch lbs Inch lbs qty.
KREV40 40 3 3/4 1700 10 1/2 - 44 8.48 2
KREV60 60 3 3/4 1700 10 1/2 - 63 9.35 2
KREV78 78 3 3/4 1700 10 1/2 - 81 11.66 2
KREV98 98 3 3/4 1700 10 1/2 - 101 13.86 2
Well thought out, Ergonomically formed 2-component handle with steel socket for applying force with a hex key when desired (max. torque 17 Nm).

Powerful with simple set up and operation, Secure clamping force up to 1700 lbs. Operating jaw stays where you put it for easy set up. Position where you like and apply clamping force.

Precise and gentle, Workpieces with sensitive surfaces can be clamped and spread, parallel to each other. Workpiece supports also prevent the workpiece from coming into contact with the rail.

Cold drawn steel rail bar, Produced and tested at BESSEY‘s own mills with consistently high quality and the utmost precision in cutting-edge facilities.

Large clamping surfaces, Clamping surfaces are perpendicular to the rail. Three removable pressure caps that are repellent to glue, and resistant to paint and grease solvents. Large surface areas distribute high clamping force evenly.

Vario K Body, Vario K Body offers a unique moveable "fixed” jaw. This allows more effective balance of workpieces during set-up, and enables custom clamping set up.

Product video Vario K Body® REVOlution