The one-handed clamp EZ360

The innovative one-handed clamp EZ360 with 360° rotatable handle!

The EZ360 one-handed clamp from BESSEY simply has the knack. Because in addition to the advantages of classic one-handed clamps, when overhead work is required or another tool has to be used at the same time for alignment, it offers even more. Thanks to the innovative 360° rotating mechanism, the handle position can be perfectly adjusted to the clamping task.


Whether it's assembly or carpentry work, drywall, kitchen or shop fitting: when it comes to one-handed clamping and spreading work, professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike can benefit from the EZ360 all round. And that is far more than just a phrase. The developers at BESSEY have succeeded in making the entire handle unit rotate around the rail. A 12-step latching mechanism ensures that the selected handle position is held securely. Depending on the work situation, the most ergonomic pump position can be selected to fix the workpiece comfortably and securely - whether far up, down or from the opposite side. The same applies to spreading work. Thanks to the simple push-button release mechanism, the upper part can be removed without tools and reattached to the other end of the rail.


"The EZ360 offers me all the advantages I expect from a one-handed clamp, and the proven BESSEY quality is unbeatable as always. But the best thing about the EZ360 is definitely the ergonomic handle. I can position it in the way that works best for me and thus complete my daily tasks even more efficiently. I can recommend the EZ360 one-handed clamp from BESSEY to any craftsman looking for a reliable and ergonomic tool."

Oliver Schulz, journeyman carpenter at Schurig in Bönnigheim, Germany

A real space-saver

When using several clamping tools at the same time in a confined space, one-hand clamps with a pump handle behind the rail can interfere with each other. This is no problem at all with the EZ360, as the handle can be easily swivelled out of the working area before or after the clamping process.

Thought-out in every detail

When the release lever on the sliding bar is pressed, the clamp can be quickly adjusted to the required clamping or spreading width or - if it is fixed - released again. Long protective caps distribute the clamping force of up to 140 kg, which also protects workpiece surfaces.

Dynamic design meets durability

In addition to its special look, the EZ360 is also extremely robust. High-quality materials are used, such as glass-fibre reinforced polyamide for the upper and lower parts, as well as tempered and burnished steel for the profile rail. In addition, the plastic housing protects the internal handle mechanism from dust and chips. 

Innovative 360° rotating mechanism allows the handle unit to be placed around the rail

12-step latching mechanism to securely hold the selected handle position

Large clamping surfaces with removable protective caps

Can be repositioned for spreading – without tools thanks to simple release mechanism by push-button on the top part


One-handed clamp with 360° rotating handle EZ360
One-handed clamp EZ360
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