Angled combi snips

Product details
  • ERGO‐handle for increased comfort – reduced hand fatigue!
  • Offset blades
  • Edges with serrations for slip-proof working
  • On carded hang pack
Order number Overall length Overall length Blade length Blade length Weight
mm " mm " kg
D48A 190 7  1/2 38 1  1/2 0.11
  • Manual sheet metal snips may only be used to cut thin sheets of soft metals or steel. They are not suitable for cutting through round or rectangular section metal shapes such as wires.
  • Cutting tools may only be used manually without using any auxiliary tools.
  • Always wear safety goggles and gloves when working. Cut parts can injure workers and bystanders.
  • Improper use can cause personal injuries or material damage.
  • Disconnect the connection to the power supply when carrying out work on electrical equipment. Otherwise, you may get an electric shock.
  • Always cut away from the head when using snips and knives.
  • Always store cutting tools with the cutting edges closed and in a location where they are clearly visible. The handle must be pointing towards you.
  • Store cutting tools separately. This saves the cutting edges and your fingers.
  • Sharpen cutting tools regularly. Blunt tools increase the risk of injury and require more force for the same cutting performance.
  • Blades made of stainless steel with plastic overmoulding
  • Connecting elements made of steel, galvanised
  • Clean the rails with solvent
  • Regularly oil the screw connections on the inside of the blade