Products and Services

Shifting market trends and the steadily growing demands made by clients on the quality of our precision steels are increasingly presenting us with new challenges. However, with unmatched technological and metallurgical expertise, we succeed time and again in maintaining our innovative lead both for ourselves and our customers.

The ability to reach decisions quickly and the wide array of machinery which we possess enable us to react flexibly to varying requirements. Our comprehensive range of products and services is testimony to this:


  • Free-cutting steels

  • Steels for general engineering use

  • Case-hardening, tempering and anti-friction bearing steels

  • Stainless and acid-resistant steels

  • On request: cold-heading steels / nitriding steels

Formats and techniques

  • Round, 6kt, 4kt, flat and other sections on request

  • Drawing, peeling, annealing, grinding

  • Eddy current testing, ultrasonic testing

  • Sawing and many more