Test methods after production

Mechanical testing

With a 400 kN tear machine, strength and elongation values are determined in our company for all our products and attested upon request.

Chemical testing

Samples are taken from each BESSEY steel production lot. These are compared using an emission spectrometer on their chemical analysis (up to 20 material identifying elements) with the quality used as well as the desired quality, and documented. Thus, an accurate batch assignment is ensured.

Hardness testing

The required hardness values are determined with suitable hardness testers in HV or HB and attested upon request.


All requirements of the magnetic properties of a material, such as it‘s coercivity field strength, permeability, etc. can be monitored with our Remagraph and if necessary, could also be documented.

Metallographic examination

Experienced personnel conducts research studies of structure and degree of purity using a microscope with magnification of up to 1000-fold.