Vises - made from high quality ductile iron

A vise consists of jaws between which the workpiece is clamped. While one jaw is fixed, the other can be moved with a crank or a bare rod in conjunction with a threaded spindle. Depending on the type of guide, a distinction is made between bottle vices and parallel vices.

Vises are much like clamps in that they are like having another pair of hands in the shop. They hold your work securely so that you can saw, grind or drill with both hands. BESSEY vises have been chosen with an eye for durability and functionality. The bench vises are made from high quality ductile iron for many years of service and, their construction includes a swivel as well as a general-purpose anvil for light duty applications. BESSEY’s smaller vises are designed with the home worker in mind and offer flexible applications for light work. 

All are backed up by BESSEY’s limited lifetime warranty. Quality you can trust.